Pinterest Tip: How T


Pinterest Tip: How To Move, Copy and Delete Pins


  1. Posted by huff387, — Reply

    I just updated all my boards; merged some, deleted a few and renamed some. Go to a board you want to change in some way,, tap on the Board Title then tap or the ‘pencil’ icon near the top edge of screen, now scroll to the bottom of your board and select the action you require. Delete Forever, Archive, Hide, etc. You can also move items from one board to another. But that’s another story.

  2. Posted by janjessam, — Reply

    Wow.... That was easy.... Thank you

  3. Posted by jeproper, — Reply

    Nothing happened

  4. Posted by hollybrawley, — Reply

    Didn’t work

  5. Posted by paul1957dc, — Reply


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