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  1. Posted by yhegler, — Reply

    Just put this in my crockpot and added ingredients into my WW app and I got 7PTS per serving for 6 servings. I’m doing WW purple and used half cup whole milk and boneless skinless thighs. Next time will try with breast which will really lower the points.

  2. Posted by mindiblake, — Reply

    I calculated it all for about 370 calories. Which equals like, 10pts. AndI guessed it for to be for about 1 cup. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The potatoes make it so high in calories. It’s pretty good I guess. Kind of plain. But I’m not a huge fan of chicken. Over all I give it a 6 out of 10. Definitely needs more flavoring than just the ranch packet.

  3. Posted by jojo2845, — Reply

    I calculated 12 smart points for 1/4th of a serving. Can someone help? I even used ff milk & reduced fat soup. I hope it is 6 points!

  4. Posted by irishtoo, — Reply

    This comes in at 12 smart points, even with only 1/4 serving. Bums me out.

  5. Posted by joannefazio, — Reply

    Made this for dinner tonight. Delicious one pot meal that's a keeper!!

  6. Posted by laceylemier, — Reply

    How Many Weight Watcher Point Is this and What is The Serving Size for the points

  7. Posted by sequan, — Reply

    I make my own "cream of ..." soups waaay less salt!

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