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an elite institution; forbidden contact, forbidden romance- but if you follow all the rules, won't you miss all the fun? ! partial text au !


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    OK LISTEN im not begging for followers- heck i dont even need or want them, all i want for u to do is go to my meme(s) board .___. i wanna spread these memes across the landU_U

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    hey loves! i am so close to 1k followers! i'd appreciate if you'd give me a follow!! and i will for sure follow back!!

  3. Posted by TabithaGS, — Reply

    I don't understand this pin... But I'm still cracking up laughing

  4. Posted by abbottlittlefield, — Reply

    nobody me dying of laughter

  5. Posted by tragicmagic136, — Reply

    When ppl make drama 4 no reason at all.

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  8. Posted by itsjustmelaila, — Reply

    pennywise when a child calls his cool layer a crackhead house

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